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How you can help this race...

Last Update - 26 February 2002

As you might guess, there is a lot of volunteer work that needs to be done to put on a race. I'd appreciate it if you could offer to take care of one of the jobs below. They are grouped by when I need the help. Volunteers will get something special - hopefully a cap or shirt.

Volunteer Job Descriptions:


Mailing help - Need a couple of people to help put out the mailer.

Publicist - If you know someone who works for the news media, I'd like to know - we'd like to get media exposure for biathlon.


Rifle zero - Need several volunteers to help zero the club rifles prior to the race.

Target set-up - Day before race, need a couple of people to help set up and test

Snacks coordinator - Buys snacks and drinks prior to race, and sets up food table in the morning

General set-up - Helps clear chairs, set up tables the day before


Course marker - Puts down chalk markers indicating the actual course

Race registrar - Hands out race packages and takes late registrations morning of the race.

Rifle safety instructor - Will teach basic rifle safety and shooting technique

Course monitor - Will double-check clarity of course marking the morning of race and then give the general race description

Starter - Gets athletes lined up at the start gate and calls off and tracks the start times

Finisher - Need two people to record when biathletes cross the finish line

Result calculators - Compile the running times and shooting results into a spreadsheet to figure out overall rankings.

Medical support - Hopefully does nothing at all. I would appreciate knowing if you are a doctor or paramedic and plan to be at the race.

General teardown - Several people to help take down targets, move tables and chairs, and helps sweep off course chalk marks

Water station person - Pass out water to racers during race

Computer setup - Need someone to be in charge of setting up and tearing down computers used to calculate results, get a fast printer for putting out results

Photographer - Would like someone to take pictures for the web page

RSOs - One per firing station - operates target, records hits and misses; general supervision of novice shooters

Traffic monitor - will regulate the number of people coming into the range.

Send your offers of help to Allen Takahashi at: allenbt@biathlon.net
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