Moffett Field Aerial View

Moffett Field

Sunnyvale, Ca

29 August 2008

Inside hangar

This page created 21 June 2009

This is a trip I took with co-workers on project. When we were done with business, we decided to climb the wooden stairs to the roof of Hangar Two where we were working.

Hangar Two and three which can be seen to the right of the runways in the picture above, was built for blimps. It is an enormous structure - it is hard to get a feel for how large this structure really is. It is built mostly of wood. The stairs to the top are part of the framework, so it starts off vertical, and then gradually gets less and less steep.

In spite of its size, Hangar Two is significantly smaller than the historic Hangar One (to the left of the runways in the picture above), which is one of the worlds largest freestanding structures and a landmark for the south bay. Unfortunately, this building is listed in the National Trust for preservation as Endangered. Attempts are being made to save it - for instance - see here.

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