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July 2009

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This page created 27 August 2009

This is a tour of Gordon Biersch main brewery that Brett organized. Gordon Biersch is a microbrewery that first opened in Palo Alto in 1987 and serves beer that contains only the three ingredients barley, hops, and water - plus yeast as dictated by the German purity law called Rheinheitsgebot.

Click on any thumbnail below to see a bigger version. Unfortunately, all I had was my old cell phone to take pictures with, and I staarted off with too many samplers so the higher resolution isn't much better than the thumbnails ;-)... At any rate, once you've brought up the first picture, you can either press the back button to get back to this thumbnails page, or you can use the left/right arrows at the top of every page to sequentially view the rest of the pictures in full screen format. The up arrow will return you to this page.




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